Alcohol and Ethanol

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Benefits of DDGS

After the distillation process, the by-product like corn or wheat cake is mixed with a protein rich syrup or thick stillage, before being fed to the dryer system.

After the dryer, the product is either sold loos or pelletized into added value diameter 6 or 8mm pellets used as animal feed.

Following the increase in global population and the constant push for higher value food and feed material, beside the main product of sites, this animal feed is a value adding well thought after by-product providing a safe and constant source of revenue as animal feed.

Promill, a leading supplier to this industry, has over the years built up the know-how required to handle DDGS from different type of grains like barley, rye, rice, cassava triticale and sorghum, providing its customer with tolerized proven solution to produce DDGS powder and pellets, the by-products out of the ethanol plants which can be easily stored and transported in bulk by trucks, boat or rail.

Wine residues – A valuable by product

Pulp from the wine product and additional grapes out the wine industry is used to produce high value sprits and other alcohol.

The residues coming from this process are dried before sorted into pulp processed to animal feed, grape seeds for edible oil production and grape flakes which are used as boiler fuel producing the energy to operate the dryer in our dryer.

DDGS Direct Drying Diagram PROMILL DDGS Indirect Drying Diagram PROMILL