Animal Feed

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Animal feed is one of the main sectors for which grinding and pelleting processes are inseparable. The objectives being multiple, being able to condense the material to facilitate transport, allow the mixing of various cereals, complete the mixture with medicinal additives.

Benefits of feed pellets

  • Reduce dust
  • Reduce waste
  • Nutritionally balanced rations for livestock.
  • Easier to ship, store and handle.
  • Easier to more accurately gauge the amount of feed necessary for cattle and horses than traditional hay and grain feeding procedure.
  • Nutritionally optimized for your animals’ dietary needs

Compound feed

A process made from a mixture of cereals, mainly but not exclusively corn, wheat, sorghum, oats and barley. The mixture is frequently converted into pellets.


Food from various sources

Many by-products are used for animal feed such as DDGS, residues from sugar beets, residues from oil mills (soybean, sunflower ...), from cereals...
Our equipment is perfectly adapted to the grinding and granulation of these components.