Edible Oil

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Edible Oil Transformation By-Products

The extraction of vegetable oil generates residues containing proteins. 

These residues are recovered and pelleted to produce feed for animals. 

In the case of sunflower, the recovered shells give an additional market to manufacture fuel to supply the boilers.

PROMILL supplies pellet producers with grinding and pelleting equipment adapted to the application.

For the record, the main plants used are:

  • rapeseed (Canola)
  • soybeans
  • sunflower

Benefits of feed pellets

  • Though nutriments in the meal tend to vary on different factors, but are still considered as a by-product that can serve as an excellent livestock feed.
  • As far as the protein content is concerned, it is said to be the richest sources, containing more protein
  • Packed with energy as it has substantial fiber and oil level. However, if a higher level of husk is included, its energy level tends to decrease consequently.
  • Delivering protein in feeder diets.
  • Excellent Source of Essential Amino Acids