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Based on 60 year experience and the waste know-how from Maguin, Promill designs and supplies complete proven granulating lines for compound fertilizer such as NPK, MAP, DAP, TSP, SSP, MCP, DCP.

A typical granulating line for this industry is normally made up by a set of specially designed robust rotating drum system including the granulator drum, the drier drum complete with air heater, the cooler drum and finally the coater drum. 

Depending on our customer requirement, we either focus on the mechanical and process design of the core equipment (drum) or if required, we supply complete system including conveyors, fans, cyclones and filters as well as all the required duct to connect the equipment.

Finally, one of our core technologies for this industry is our robust and proven cylinder  crusher used to  reduces  oversize particles  out  of  the  drier design to minimize the production of fine  particles.

Based on the tough requirement of the fertilizer industry and quite often, the remote location of the sites, our equipment and processes are design to stand up for this challenge and meet, based on their heavy-duty design, the heights expected of our customer.