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Benefits of alfalfa / grass and ray grass

Green Crops are a protein rich, fibrous and well established animal feed focused dairy cattle to ensure safe and high quality milk production from traceable source.

Green crops are a mean to support local high value feed protein production to replace imported Soja base replacement feed material.

Alfalfa in particular is a high protein animal feed for  poultry, goats , horses , pigs  and sheep widely used in the sustainable feed production acting as a natural fertilizer in crop rotation cultures to assimilate and  distribute nitrogen and acting as a regenerating  and  purifying  agent  for  the soil.

Dehydrated  alfalfa  , grass  and  ray  grass  can  be  milled  and pelletized  in 6  to  16mm diameter  pellets.
Pressing of  wet  alfalfa  produces  a  high  valuable  protein for human  food  and  animal  feed  as  well.