Benefits of beet pulp pellets

Like so many other by-products, the by-product  of the  sugar  beet processing  is  no  longer  a  waste  but  a  real  source of  revenue increase. The pulp is often dried and pelletized for the production of high added value animal feed. If required, the beet pulp is enriched with molasses to boost the protein content of the product. The pelletized product is easy to  store  and  transport  ideal for the global animal feed market.

Dried product  is normally pelletized  in 6  to  16mm diameter  pellets which  allows  to  densify  a  product  from  300 kg/m3  wet to 700kg/m3  dry.


Benefits of bagasse valorization

Even though bagasse is often used in a sugar can factory to produce the required steam at site, the factory usually have a surplus free bagasse which can be transformed into a value added by-product by drying possibly pelletized for different proposed.

The moisture content of bagasse can be  reduced  from 55% to  45% thanks  to  a  belt  pre drier  recovering  waste heat from the process.  The pre-drying of bagasse allows to increase the heating value of the boiler fuel, increase the capacity of the boiler and at the same time reduce the risk of fouling effect on the tubes.

Furthermore, dried bagasse can  also  be  pelletized and exported to e.g. the EU where it can be sold as a valuable biomass pellet for domestic or industrial us.

Finally, dried  bagasse  can  also  be  enriched  with  molasses  to produce a protein enriched animal  feed product.