Particle Board

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The production of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and Panel Board in general is one of the main application in the wood industry beside Saw Mill and Pulp and Paper production. 

Promill has  over  40  years’ experience working as drying partner for the industry processing soft or hard wood  particles  on our triple pass or single pass rotary drum dryer. 

Heat of our dryer can be done ideally using the biomass available at site using a sanding or screen dust burner/air heater of a Solid Fuel Air Heater firing on bark and wood Chips

Depending on the resin content, maximized    recycle   gases  to  the  air heater  allows  to  produce  minimum  off  gases  volume  to  the  atmosphere which reduced dryer emission but at the same increased the overall safety of the installation by reducing the O2 content in the dryer.