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As a leading supplier of equipment like Rotary Equipment, Drum and Belt Dryers, Air Heaters, Crushers, Hammer Mills and Pellet Mills to many industries such as the global Agro, Sugar, Wood and Fertilizer Industries, Promill must be able to meet its customers’ requirements anytime.

1 Workshop General View PROMILL

That’s why Promill’s Workshop, situated right next to our office building at Serville, France, is a key factor to our success when supporting our customers on new equipment or responding fast to Parts and Service requests concerning our Pellet and Hammer Mills product lines.

Administrating and Executing customer’s orders at the same place ensures the high quality of the equipment supplied, together with a fast and flexible response to all of our customer’s enquiries and needs.

Guided Tour of Promill's Fabrication Workshop

Reconcile the past...

Thanks to 60 years of manufacturing know-how and experience, Promill maintains a pool of specialized fabrication equipment and employs experienced operators, enabling our fabrication shop to produce high quality equipment and specialized parts for our complete product range.

Boiler Making
2 Chaudronnerie
Wheel Balancing
3 Wheel Balancer PROMILL
Rollers Assembly and Refurbishment
4 Rollers Assembly and Refurbishment PROMILL
Pellet Mills Assembly Shop
5 Pellet Mills Assembly PROMILL
Hammer Mills Assembly Shop
6 Hammer Mills Assembly PROMILL
Stone Separators Assembly Shop
7 Stone Separators Assembly PROMILL
Storage Area for Cast Rings
8 Cast Rings Storage Area PROMILL
Storage Area for Dies pending the Finishing Works
9 Pending Dies Storage Area PROMILL

... and the Future!

A Workshop in Constant Improvement

Beside our well-maintained pool of specialized machinery, focused on the production of Pelleting Mills, Hammer Mills and key auxiliary equipment, Promill continues to invest in highly automated, high-tech machinery to meet all current and future demands.

Linking the past to the future and investing in our well-skilled workshop team is creating the mix required to manufacture high-quality equipment in a fast-moving environment, all at our shop at Promill in Serville, France.

NC Milling for Machining of Pellet mills Frames and Shafts
10 Alésage CN pour usinage des bâtis et arbres de presse
Die Manufacturing in a NC Vertical Lathe
12 Die machining on CN vertical Lathe
Drilling of the Dies on a Gundrill Spindle with 8 spindles
14 Die in a Gundrill Spindle PROMILL

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All our facilities are aimed at an only goal: Our Customers' Satisfaction.

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