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Air Heater Technology

For over 15 years, Promill has developed and suppled numerous air heater based on their own, specialized design optimized to operate as energy source for a rotary dryer drying various products of the agro-industry.

For example, Solid Fuel Air Heaters are the perfect hot air generator designed to operate with our dryers based on available, cheap fuel commodity like wood chips, bark.

In addition, based on our experience and expertise supplying several gas fired air heater with our dryer, early 2000 we decided to develop our on Natural Gas Fired Air Heater optimized and design to operate with our rotary dryer burner not only Natural Gas but other gaseous fuels like Bio Gas, Methane.

In addition, we have improved our Natural Gas Fired Air Heater design even further allowing us to burn the non-condensable matters ager our Turbo drying system – Air Heater operating as thermal oxidizer

Finally, we supply Heavy Fuel Oil Air Heater and Coal Travelling Grates together with our Dryer


  • Large dimensioning
  • Scaling from 2 to 70 MW (natural gas)
  • Scaling from 2 to 25 MW (biomass)
  • Low excess of air
  • Destruction of VOC by patented natural gas burner
  • Solid fuel with wet or dry biomass
  • High dilution by recycle or boilers gases
  • Elimination (clearing ) of silica/sand/ash before dryer
  • Full control of regulation of air flows and  fuel feeding linked to the rotary drying loop
  • Burner management control and PLC included
  • Compliance with NOX and CO regulation

Fields of application

  • Beet pulp
  • Grass/Alfalfa
  • Corn gluten feed
  • Wood particles/Sawdust
  • Biomass
  • Fertilizer
  • Fruit by-products, algae, chicken manure