Belt Dryer

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Belt Drying Technology

Since  1997, Promill has designed and supplied numerous belt dryers for various products of the agro-industry. The concept of  a belt dryer is to recover low grade energy  (hot  water, condensates, low  pressure  steam, condensation of  off  gases  of  existing  drum  drying  unit) for  drying or  pre drying  wet  products.

This  technology  can  be  proposed:

  • either  to  increase  existing  drying  facility  without  extra  thermal expense
  • or  decrease  the  overall thermal expense of  the  drying  facility
  • or producing an even moisture content of wet product before the drum dryer or the boiler


  • Strong and robust conception for heavy duty during 8000 hours/year
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Scaling by prefabricated modules
  • Easy transport to site of modules
  • Easy and quick installation at site
  • Soft regulation
  • Very low cost of maintenance
  • Compliance with dust regulation

Fields of application

  • Beet pulp
  • Grass/Alfalfa
  • Corn gluten feed
  • Wood particles/Sawdust
  • Biomass
  • Fruit by-products, algae, chicken manure