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Cylinder Crusher

Promill (Maguin technology) cylinder crushers are mainly used in the granulation/drying loop of fertilizer plant.
The Promill mill range is composed of double-roller mills DUO and triple-roller mills TRIO of which 250 machines have been installed all over the world.
The Promill roller mill was developed over 40 years in close collaboration with one of the world’s biggest fertilizer producers in order to optimize production quality and plant capacity.
The installation of Promill crushers boost production of existing lines by around 15% through the replacement of worn chain or hammer mills.

As complementary equipment, Promill offers double Squirrel-cage Lump Crushers which are specially designed to disintegrate clumps of granular

  • Optimized design for fertilizer production
  • Homogeneity of the milled product with poor production of fines
  • No broken granules
  • Particle size adjustment in operation by varying the spacing between roller
  • Significant reduction in the recycling rate in the granulation/drying loop
  • Upgrade existing line
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low risk of plugging in case of overflow

Main features

  • Rugged design
  • Production rates from 15 t/h to 50 t/h
  • Rollers made of G hardened cast iron
  • One roller fixed on mobile frame held by two hydraulic jack
  • Common supporting frame for crusher, motors and hydraulic unit

Fields of application

  • NPK
  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • DAP
  • MAP
  • CAN
  • TSP
  • SSP
  • UREA
  • SALT