Pellet Lines

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Pellet Lines

A drying, milling and pelleting line may be composed of various equipment constituting the chain from the arrival of the raw material to its pre-shipment packaging.

Promill manufactures and supplies all equipment necessary to carry out the various steps of the process.

We collaborate regularly with integrators and/or engineering companies that include our equipment in the complete granulation process.

Scope of Supply PROMILL Complete Pelleting Line PROMILL

Main Equipment:

  • Stone Separator: used to evacuate stones, metal parts in front of the hammer mills.
  • WCR wet Hammer Mill: unit designed to crush wood chips having high humidity content.
  • Drum Dryer: Triple Pass drying technology allowing to reduce the moisture content of the wood shavings.
  • Feeding Systems: Single feed screw, double regulated feed screw, material storage hopper, mixer, conditioner, many solutions are available to allow an optimal loading of the material to the mills and presses.
  • Coolers: At the press outlet, the temperature of the pellets is around 80 ° C. It is necessary to cool them to increase their rigidity and to avoid the generation of moisture in their packaging. Promill provides different models of horizontal, vertical and counterflow coolers adapted to the needs of each customer.
  • Sifters: To prevent dust from the production of pellets in packaging, we offer a range of rotary or vibrating sieves to remove sieving fines and recycle them. The design of the Promill hammer mills guarantees the required quality and capacity while optimizing the durability of the components.


Main features

  • Wet Hammer Mill reducing high moisture content wood chips
  • Triple Pass Drum Dryer with high thermal efficiency
  • Dry Hammer Mill high capacity low energy consumption
  • High quality Conditioner with injection or water or steam
  • Heavy duty Pellet Mills with low maintenance costs
  • High efficiency Coolers
  • High capacity Sifters

Fields of application

  • Milling and pelleting of many different species of wood
  • Pelleting of compound feed
  • Pelleting of beet pulp
  • Milling and pelleting of alfalfa
  • Milling and pelleting of DDGS
  • Milling and pelleting of cereal products
  • Pelleting of animal droppings
  • Milling of material from rendering