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Rotating Tubes

Promill (Maguin technology) rotating tubes are mainly used in the SSP/TSP/NPK/MAP/DAP/CAN/MCP/DCP production line of fertilizer plant.

The rotating tubes range is composed of granulator, dryer, cooler and coater. Over 100 production lines have been installed all over the world.

Promill offers a proven experience since 1960 in rotating drums up to 6 meter diameter.

Promill offers a strong design with most of providers ensuring final quality of product.

Promill offers proven design / manufacture in our workshops :

  • Strongly limits the cost of maintenance.
  • Ensures long life time of equipment.
  • Ensures optimal operation (no stoppage or leakage of product).

As complementary equipment, Promill offers :

  • Air Heater (gas, oil, coal, biomass, wood)
  • Well known TRIO crushers
  • Double Squirrel-cage Lump Crushers.


  • Optimized and strong design for fertilizer production
  • Low maintenance
  • On-field experience.
  • Improvements and safety in the process.
  • High Skilled Engineering Team

Main features

  • Rugged design
  • Wide range of equipment size
  • Design of Ring Gear by Promill
  • Engineering of internals by Promill for the best thermal efficiency Design of Tyres by Promill : Skew wedges, Sliding shrinking.
  • Manufacturing in different steel grade: carbon, alloyed steel, refractory, stainless steel.