Triple Pass Drum Dryer

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Triple Pass Drum Drying Technology

Promill has a proven experience for 60 years in conception and manufacture of 3 pass dryers for various products and fibres of the agro industry.
The 3 pass drum dryer offers following benefits which results in leading technology in the world.
“Inflight drying” in the passes allows to dry various products with different sizes/granulometries/moisture at different air speeds with a security of homogeneous final moisture and quality. 


  • High thermal efficiency
  • Scaling with 1 drum from 1T to 85T/H evaporation of water
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Compliance with various dust and emission regulations
  • Compact layout
  • Easy control

Fields of application

  • Beet pulp
  • Grass/Alfalfa
  • Draffs out of wheat, corn, barley
  • Wood particles/Sawdust
  • Fruit by-products, algae, chicken manure

The turbo indirect dryer

The Promill TURBO indirect drying concept aims at combining the best heat recovery and destruction of VOC (smell). This is achieved by an integrated recovery of energy to recover more than 80 % of latent heat, resulting in, for example, net thermal requirement of minimum 130 kcal/kg evaporated water and wet bulb temperature of 98°C.

Main features

The turbo indirect drying unit is fitted with well proven equipment:
  • The traditional 3 pass drum
  • The specifically designed heat exchanger (no product clogging inside tubes)
  • Drying in an almost closed loop with offgases vapour at up to 98°C wet bulb
  • Maximum energy recovery
  • Non condensable vapour is incinerated inside a patented burner resulting in VOC destruction
  • Can be combined with a belt drying plant for increasing evaporative capacity
  • Easy regulation
  • Full security against fire/explosion

Fields of application

  • Secondary applications in food processing industry with concern of vapour at over 98°C wet bulb and environmental compliance